Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Safe House (2012)

Directed By: Daniel Espinosa

Rating: R

Runtime: 115 minutes

"Safe House" is a film that attempts to outsmart itself with a plot focused on the unethical top secret government wrongdoings that are threatened to be exposed for all to see. It's a plot that we've seen time and time again, where the good guys must battle the relentless government forces in order to expose the truth. A few films that come to mind include "Enemy of the State" and "Conspiracy Theory," where there is a strong focus on hiding or covering up the truth to save the status of corrupt societal elitists.

Overall, "Safe House" is a a film I would describe as a good one-time viewing. With veteran actor Denzel Washington, who plays wanted ex-government liason Tobin Frost, we are sure to be engrossed in his natural ability to take on pretty much any character role given to him. And with much surprise, Ryan Reynolds turns from being the funny man on the screen to that of Matt Weston, the rookie safe house operator who just wants the chance to prove himself in the field.

Well, Matt gets his wish for field experience, and a bit more than he bargained for when Tobin Frost is transported to his safe house for... safe keeping? What ensues involves acts of questionable ethics followed by a raid that results in the safe house not being so safe anymore. Having to act quickly or face an inevitable death, Weston and Frost flee the scene as Weston must figure out his next move, involving Frost's safe transport to another holding facility.

As with most corrupt government action flicks, there is a lot of bloodshed, shooting, and car chase scenes. The adrenaline most certainly is pumping throughout Weston and Frost's escapades to seek refuge without getting killed all the time. Emotions are constantly being tested to their limits, and we believe this as Frost reveals the vile and violent world of Weston's employer, only Weston believes that he's working for the good guys, not the bad guys. So who's on what side and who can you trust? Manipulation, double-crosses, and devious minds are what gives this film its momentum because it makes you think. Yes, actions most certainly can speak louder than words, but understanding the reason behind such actions is what brings out true awareness. If it weren't for Washington, I probably would have passed this film up, but his performance is nod worthy. With some reservation, I give my thumbs up.

Thumbs UP      


  1. Glad you enjoyed this as much as I did. I completely agree with the review, it was entertaining while actually watching the movie but the plot starts to fall apart when thinking about it too much.


  2. Really insightful on the iner-workings of the film, great review!

  3. Very good review. I thought the fight scences in the house at the end of the movie were amongst the best ever. I am adding your blog to my favorites.

  4. This movie had a lot of hype and did not deliver in my eyes. I had high expectations only to be let down. Great cast and that was it. Above has already covered the plot so I'll skip touching on that. This is a rental or wait for it to be on cable and you have nothing else to watch.