Thursday, August 9, 2012

Heartbreakers (2001)

Directed By: David Mirkin

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 123 minutes

"Heartbreakers" surprised me. It was fun, not to be taken too seriously and had a great cast, including Sigourney Weaver (Max Conners), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Page Conners), Ray Liotta (Dean Cumanno), Jason Lee (Jack Withrowe) and Gene Hackman (William B. Tensy).

Max and Page Conners make their living by playing cons... on rich men. The mother/daughter duo use their feminine wiles to lure men into marrying one of them and then set up a scheme to take place shortly after their wedding night that results in a rather quick and clean divorce. That's the way it's always been, until one day the IRS comes knocking on their door. Max hasn't filed taxes in who knows how many years. Her innocent response - "I thought my husbands were supposed to do that." Now that they owe over $300,000 to the big man, they must come up with a con that will pay off their debt and leave them financially set for life. 

So why not Palm Beach? Home of the mega-rich and the ultra-disgusting William B. Tensy, tobacco company billionaire, also known as the Conners' next client. "Heartbreakers" is an adventure in finding the true meaning of happiness in life, and all the little escapades that go along with it. Max doesn't want Page to go off on her own, while Page cannot stand being the understudy to her mother's cons. She wants to be more independent, but can she get a man to fall in love with her without falling in love herself? In the beginning of the film, money is the driving factor for everything these women do, and it's hilarious at times as they use any means necessary to get what they want. Sure, the plot is ridiculous in its own way, but we don't take it seriously anyways. 

I've read some negative reviews about this film, stating something along the lines that Weaver is trying to be younger than she is. My response to this - of course Weaver's character Max is trying to act younger than she really is, that's what makes this film so funny. Did Weaver keep up with the youthful glamour exuded by the curvy little Love Hewitt? Absolutely, and she looked damn good doing it. With supporting roles by Liotta, who as always, plays an excellent gangster, and Hackman, who couldn't be a more convincing rich bastard, "Heartbreakers" is a film that will not only make you smile, but laugh out loud as well. 

Thumbs UP

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  1. i was wondering about this movie, from your review im looking forward to renting this.thanks for the heads up i enjoyed your review and will see it soon.