Friday, August 3, 2012

Lockout (2012)

Directed By: James Mather & 

Stephen St. Leger

Rated: PG-13

Runtime: 95 minutes

This was a Redbox movie rental one evening. As a fan of both the science fiction and fantasy genres, I was looking forward to this flick. Based on the previews, I knew it would be an outlandish plot as ridiculous as those iconic films in the past starring Stallone or Schwarzenegger (gotta love 'em!). Imagine "Commando" meets "Con Air," or something like that.

So here we go. The storyline... in a nutshell. The President's daughter, Emilie, played by Maggie Grace, travels to a maximum security prison located in space. The reason for her visit - she is on a humanitarian mission to make sure there is no mistreatment to the prisoners who just so happen to be caught in a cryogenic sleep stasis. I am led to believe that there must no longer be any world hunger or mass quantities of people in need on planet Earth, for if there were, then certainly the President's daughter would be spending her time and efforts elsewhere, right? Anyways, continuing onwards, Emilie is permitted to interview one of the prisoners, who is awoken from cryo-sleep. It just so happens that one of the guards forgot to leave behind his ankle holster, which conveniently is holding a gun. You can guess what happens next. The careless officer is given the slip by the inmate and all of the sudden all hell breaks loose on the vessel. What's the first thing the inmate does in this circumstance? He releases all the other inmates and shortly thereafter the prisoners take over.

The President's daughter is a hot commodity, because she's the key bargaining chip to getting off the ship without being blown to pieces. Back at the white house, the President's liaisons convince him that there's only one man who can rescue his daughter and bring her back alive. That man is Snow. Okay, everyone should be smiling by now. Only one man? Really? Against hundreds of maximum security crazy people? The odds seem slim to me, but Snow appears to be the man for the job. Played by Guy Pearce, Snow never allows a bead of sweat to drop from his brow. This guy is cool, collected, and fearless. In fact, when caught in a situation that appears less than desperate, Snow cracks jokes and one-liners. It's not about being scared, it's about... well I'm not really sure what the heck Snow was about. He was caught up in some sort of scandal that had to do with a briefcase. This took up a lot of his thoughts and resulted in much of his frustration throughout the film.

Both Grace and Pierce worked well together. They did not have what I would call excellent chemistry, but their roles were convincing enough. If you like science fiction with action, then you'll probably like this film. Yes the plot is rather preposterous, but it's creative in its own way. Sometimes you have to leave all the questioning behind and just let the story play out. You never know, you may come away a satisfied viewer.

Thumbs UP

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